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Sales Process or Cycle

How to achieve sales targets consistently. The daily discipline every salesperson must follow.

Sales is not for the faint-hearted as it is about meeting #salestargets consistently, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year. Furthermore, it is about meeting increasing targets over time in one's career.

The sales process is a series of repeatable steps taken by a salesperson to generate leads and taking them all the way to closures.

Selling requires a daily rigor -- a military-style discipline or work ethic -- of pursuing targets. Such a rigor is codified in a #salesprocess. The sales process is a series of repeatable steps to be taken by a salesperson in generating leads and taking them all the way to closures.

The 7-Step Process

No matter the product, target market, or company, every salesperson and sales organization will benefit from adopting this universal 7-step sales process or #salescycle.

1. Prospect for leads

2. Schedule appointment

3. Qualify prospect

4. Make presentation

5. Address and overcome objections

6. Close sale

7. Ask for referrals

To meet targets consistently, the salesperson must perform these activities in high volumes on a day-in and day-out basis. There is no shortcut to sales success.

In earlier blog posts, Sales vs. Marketing, Suspects vs. Prospects, Prospects vs. Leads, and Leads vs. Opportunities, we clarified "what" the overall marketing and sales conversion process is. The sales process we present here, on the other hand, delineates "how" the salesperson carries out the conversion process when handling end-to-end.

In the upcoming part two of this blog, we shall look at each of these steps or stages in detail.

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