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Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are related functions. Yet they are different. As a salesperson, you must understand what the marketing function does and what the dependencies are on that function. This knowledge helps you to have the right expectations of your counterparts in marketing as you and the rest of the sales team interface and collaborate with them.

The two functions often do not agree in the overall quality and volume of leads generated by marketing and passed on to sales. This has ramifications for overall sales performance and success of the business. A clear understanding of the marketing and sales conversion process is required to smoothen the differences between the two functions.

Sales vs. Marketing

Course Topics:

Sales vs. Marketing

What every salesperson must know. The two teams should work closely together but don't.

Suspects vs. Prospects

Salespersons ought to know the difference between suspects and prospects in order to ensure their pipeline is of high quality.

Prospects vs. Leads

Confusion reigns supreme. Are these the same or different sales concepts?

Leads vs. Opportunities

If salespersons are not clear on the difference, then sales are ad hoc, pipelines questionable, and sales forecasts erroneous.

Cold, Warm, and Hot Leads

Sort and organize your leads in order to convert them into opportunities rapidly.